Thursday, June 25, 2009

RFC: Mmmmmeatball

Busy Thursday today, which means it's time for another...


(Which is code for no time / too lazy to write a real blog entry)

For lunch, I went to a local Italian grocery store and got myself a nice 9-inch meatball sub. I've always been a fan of the meatball sub; not only for the plentiful phallic jokes waiting to be made, but also because they are delicious. Today's was particularly good. And as a result of this, I have spent the rest of my afternoon thinking about sandwiches and how delicious they are. So...

MY QUESTION TO YOU IS: what is your favorite sandwich, and where did you get it?



Chris Othic said...

I have two:

There is a little Italian deli at the base of the Hancock building. All of thier sandwiches are great, but you have to get the Davollo. It's a pepperoni sub with pepperjack cheese and it's amazing. AMAZING!

My second is the Pollo Diablo from Panes (at Halstead and Wellington). It's divine! Also try the mashed pototoes if you're hungover.

Let's go people, I want to hear about these sandwiches!

Crump said...

I love a good Monte Cristo, but it's hard to find a place that has a "real" one. Bennigans used ta have a real good one, but they went out of business (there may be 1 or 2 still floating around). Clarks has one, but it isn't (in my opinion) a true Monte Cristo because it isn't deep fried. Ham, turkey, swiss, white or wheat bread, dipped in batter, deep fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar, raspberry or strawberry preserves to dip it in. I want one right now!

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