Thursday, June 4, 2009

RFC: Request For Comment

I'm going to try this out in the event that I have a day (like today) where I lack inspiration. Basically, I'm going to ask a question, and then you can leave a comment in the comment section answering it. It's kind of like an unofficial poll.

Today's inaugural RFC is inspired by the fact that it's early June, which always causes me to get nostalgic about summer vacation. You remember summer vacation, right? It's that time of the year where you're between school ending in the Spring and beginning in the Fall and you don't have a damned thing to do. So here goes.

RFC: Your favorite thing to do on summer vacation when you were a kid.


Joe Janes said...

Just go out exploring with some friends. I grew up in a trailer park along a river between two sets of woods. A nightmare scenario for parents these days, but then, never a problem. We'd go out roaming, building forts, fishing. It rocked.

Chris Othic said...

Just doing kid things outside: digging holes in the dirt, shooting birds with a bb gun (I know, I know), walking around town, hanging out under "the bridge," throwing rocks, playing baseball.

I think my fondest memory of summer was drinking Kool-Ade right out of the pitcher. You'd come in hot and sweaty from playing, throw open the fridge, grab the pitcher, pray for purple or red flavor, take a long drink and then for some reason have a coughing fit.

Ahhhh, it takes me back.

GW said...

I loved collecting those helicopter seed things in a big bucket and dumping them from the treehouse. We would also have neighborhood "battles" with those spiky "gumballs".

And I loved going on family vacations, especially when they involved long, long car rides, watching the scenery from the car, and hanging with my cousins on a beach in Michigan.

Aww, why'd you make us all go misty, Nat?

thistrain said...
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thistrain said...

Are these people really from Michigan? Where I'm from (Up There), we just shot things. All summer. Non-stop. Shootin'.**

'Cept for when the county fair came round. Then it was nothing but elephant ears, enjoying the rides, cotton candy, enjoying the rides, elephant ears, and puking on the rides.

And a dunk in the lake.

Aaah good times.

**Course, we purty much do that durin' the school year, too. Come ta think.