Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday: Internet Snarkery

It's a busy Friday and a short Friday for yours truly, so this will be quick today.

Last week I wrote a post about the Interwebs and stuff I had read that suggested the Internet may actually be making us smarter. This, of course, in addition to hardcore Danish pornography.

It turns out it can also be used for correcting people in a sarcastic and dickish manner.

Take, for example,, which is a website that explains a common word usage error. Someone devoted a whole webpage.

My favorite, though, is Let Me Google That For You. Here, let's try it.

Say you are talking to someone, and they ask something like "I wonder who won the Heisman two years ago."

You would then say, "Hang on, I think I have a link for that..." and then send them this.

The site will sarcastically search for you, and then pass judgment on you for not simply doing it yourself.

Next time you're looking to impress an online buddy with your dickishness, feel free to use those.

Okay bye bye.

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