Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To An Idiot Who Also Happens to Ride His Bicycle in City Traffic

Yeah, I get it: you're saving the environment and getting exercise and cutting down on the amount of cars parked on the streets and in traffic and blah blah. Good for you.

You know what, though?

If you're riding out in the street with the cars, then why are you not wearing a helmet? I know it's not cool looking, but you know what else isn't cool looking? When your brains are hanging out of your shattered skull after getting tattooed by a pickup truck.

Speaking of getting tattooed, why don't you have to stop at stop lights or stop signs? Those things are there so that people like myself, surrounded by a cage of metal with airbags, don't get hit and killed. What makes you, some random dude sitting exposed to the world on top of two wheels and a couple of chains, think that somehow you don't have to worry about that?

You want to ignore stop signs, that's fine. It's lame, it's bullshit, but it's fine. But stop lights at three street intersections in the middle of freaking rush hour? Are you out of your mind?

Are bike riders invincible? Were you endowed with some sort of special ability that keeps you from awfully painful deaths? Are you somehow above the laws of the road and the laws of physics, that you can just get away with tooling around in traffic without a helmet on, weaving around cars that are trying to turn, just daring people to hit you?

Seriously, are you insane?


Chris Othic said...

I can understand running a stop sign on a not busy side street, as long as you have a really good view and can see there are no cars around. I know it's wrong, but stopping and starting on a bike constantly is a pain, and a lot of times I like to ride the side streets for the very reason that there is less traffic.

But I always obey stop lights. And I wear a helmet, although I think it should be an individual's choice, sort of like having an abortion.

What I hate are those freaking Lance Armstrong wannabees that will buzz through a cross walk at 20 miles an hour, narrowly missing pedestrians. I see this all the time and it makes me want to clothesline the assholes.

If they want to buzz someone's car, fine by me, they will lose that battle.

Unknown said...

That's another thing I hate: playing chicken with pedestrians!

The stop sign thing is more me being jealous that I can't just drive through stop signs.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hate the ones that ride on the wrong side of the street. Same with people walking on the wrong side of the street.