Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"I Hate My Job. Also, Vote For Me. Signed, Silvio Berlusconi"

Having made clear my intention to one day be President of this fine nation of ours (in 2040), I often spend hours of my day ruminating. I do this mostly to avoid certain immediate obligations - performing work duties, paying for my rent and utilities, apologizing to innocent bystanders for public 'wardrobe malfunctions' - and as a means of preparing myself for that moment when I take those most glorious reigns of power.

I often think, 'What type of ruler should I be? What famous ruler should I use as my model?'

Should it be Obama? Should it be George Washington, or Theodore Roosevelt?

Well, today I think I found the prototype for future ruler Nat: Silvio Berlusconi.

Who the hell is Silvio Berlusconi? I'm glad you asked.

Berlusconi, a former cruise ship singer turned media mogul, real estate and insurance tycoon and owner of the AC Milan 'football' team, is the current prime minister of Italy. He happens to be quite popular too, despite his scandal-wracked personal life and, of yeah, an OUTRIGHT DISDAIN for his job:

"Berlusconi says there's nothing simple about the prime minister's

"He said: 'I'm doing what I do with a sense of sacrifice. I don't
really like it. Not at all.'

"He added: 'Very often there is a lot of dirty dealing, there is really
the gutter press, worse than that, the shameless and sickly. It's a difficult
life to be responsible for leading the government in a country like

-From CNN.

This is the exact combination of shame, embarrassment and disdain I look forward to bringing you thirty years down the line.


Seoulcially Akward Nessie said...

That was a great article. Where's his Nobel?

Jill said...

I heard on NPR that the Italian media doesn't really cover his scandals, so Italians have to actively seek it out through other European outlets.

And therefore in a way, other Europeans and Americans know more about his indiscretions than Italians do.

Unknown said...

That would make sense, given that he owns like a half or a third or something of all Italian television stations.

That's where he and I will differ. I want everyone knowing my dirty laundry once I'm running the show!

I say celebrate that corruption.