Monday, October 19, 2009

Show Up And Running

After the theatre was empty and the props were all packed up and the desk moved back into the theatre's garage, I stepped outside into the fall evening awash with an overwhelming feeling of relief.

Not euphoria. Not shame or disappointment. Just a simple feeling of relief.

By that evening, I figure I had spent a solid two straight weeks doing something show related, whether it be rehearsing or production meetings or emailing reviewers or sitting at home in my underwear by myself, sewing things while watching Law and Order.

Not only that, I was convinced in the back of my mind that we were forgetting something somewhere along the process, and that this mysterious forgotten something was going to bring the show down. I'm sure the other RvD members felt the same. I know my codirector, Greg, shared that same forboding sensation. Even up until a few hours before the show, we were still emailing back and forth on things we may or may not have forgotten.

So, when it was all said and done on Friday night, I finally felt reassured that despite all of the moving parts everything had worked. And not only that but people laughed.

Sweet relief.

Saturday night, confident that the show worked, that duct tape would be unnecessary and that the show could now just happen on its own without any extraordinary force of will on our parts, I managed to actually really enjoy myself in the show. It's a blast to perform, and I really hope it's even a fraction as enjoyable to watch.

I'll probably put together a master post at the RvD blog soon, but for now here are a couple of show related links:

Production pictures can be found here on the Robo-blog.

We got a very kind review from Angry White Guy in Chicago, in which Don Hall says I have a "surprisingly sweet voice." Score.

We also got a somewhat kind review from Gapers Block, wherein the reviewer calls us the Canada Day of comedy. Although, she also calls us a "writer-centric improv ensemble," which is a bit of an oxymoron, so take that for what it's worth.

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Anonymous said...

Very very funny show. I laughed so hard I was crying. And I came away singing those irritating jingles in my head.

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