Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Detroit City Council: Now With More Guns!

Just because I live in Chicago now doesn't mean I completely ignore the old homeland. Here is your Tuesday afternoon Detroit multiple choice question:

Q: "The fact that nearly half of Detroit's City Council carry guns to and from sessions is __________"

(A) completely and totally unsurprising
(B) probably a great idea for those no-good sonsofbitches, who either have it coming already or probably will at some point over the next year
(C) a sad reflection on Detroit, government, society, security, the police, gun laws, childhood, the rapid decline of western civilization, etc. etc. etc.
(D) all of the above

If you answered this question by shaking your head in a strange and completely contradictory yet somehow all too real combination of disbelief and complete lack of shock, then you answered correctly.

A quote from newly elected council member Reverend Andre Spivey, who is a pastor:

"My members have been telling me for years to get one, before I even ran for
council," he said. "It's not an indictment upon the citizens of Detroit but just
for my own personal assurances. I was concerned that the city of Detroit not
turn into the wild, wild West, but I've talked with several incumbents, and the
office presents some challenges. I don't feel I have to use it, but I'll feel
more comfortable having it."

And this is a priest talking, ladies and gentlemen. Normally, you only arm priests when there are Vikings to ward off.

And by "challenges," of course, I assume the incumbents mean continuing to expand rampant corruption at the expense of pretty much everyone in the region.

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Alfonso Mangione said...

Crazy! I always remember driving from Toronto to Chicago with my family as a kid. We'd pass through Windsor, and it would be this beautiful green utopia, and then in Detroit there would be fires and all this Mad-Max looking shit. Canadians have a tendency to look down on us, and I blame Detroit. (And Buffalo.)