Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sorry about the sporadic blogging as of late. It's been a little busy around here lately.

Today, in lieu of a lengthy post about something substantive, I'll use the interesting link back-up option. This is an interview between CNN and some British dude named Rory Sutherland, who's an advertising executive.

Advertising gets a bad rap from people who would prefer to blame some big abstract industry for our obsession with material possessions. As opposed to blaming yourself for buying shit you don't need. As the son of an Ad guy, though, it's kind of interesting to hear advertising explained as a way of taking business - something that tends to be more numbers and profit oriented - and trying to make it relate to people.

It's kind of an interesting take on advertising, problem solving, business and just general life and how we're rapidly losing the human side of our decision making capacity. The conversation starts off with kind of a weird "instead of solving problems with expensive technological gadgetry, why don't we just trick people into thinking there's not a problem?" It's a strange method bordering on propaganda, but I suppose if you're using it for good then maybe no? It's worth a read anyway.

Okay, back to busy.

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