Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Freak Out Calmed Only By Watching Video of Myself in a Tu Tu

Happy Friday, friends!

Six Minutes To The End of the World!! You can file this in your “Things that cause unnecessarily paranoia” file. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists board keeps a Doomsday Clock that is meant to convey “how close humanity is to catastrophic destruction,” apparently by building a clock that moves backwards. Things that cause the Doomsday clock to tick towards catastrophic destruction include such acts as “glancing askance at Atomic Scientist board members,” and “cutting Atomic Scientist board members off while driving during rush hour.” So be warned, people, and treat the nerds well. Otherwise, it's one more tick of the tock for us all!

Speaking of the End of the World: you might just die and go to heaven after watching this Star Wars inspired dance number.

Prompting us all to ask that eternally relevant question: “What the fuck is wrong with the French?”

Belated Praise: Robot vs Dinosaur Chicago wrapped up our run of Mrs Gruber at Chicago Sketchfest last Saturday. Since then, we’ve had a couple of mentions on the interwebs.

We have this from Time Out Chicago.

And this from ISeeWhatYouDid.

And this from Piet Levy over at True/Slant, which even includes video of yours truly singing, which surprisingly I had nothing to do with. FEAST YOUR EYES ON YOUR FAVORITE EGOMANIAC!!

Now that I can actually see myself, I think I might start wearing that tutu everywhere I go.

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