Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year's Pluggery!

Well, I'm back in town. While it's great to be back blogging to you (three) readers, I'm not going to lie: vacation was great. And work, generally speaking, sucks donkey balls. But since I have to be here and since you've chosen to be here, I may as well assult you with some...


That's right, friends! Chicago Sketchfest is upon us and I'm in not one but TWO (2) shows this weekend!

General sketch fest information and the like can be found here.

Sketch Show the First is for Joe Janes' 365 Sketches project. We go up on Sketchfest's first night (January 7th 2010) at 8:00 PM and we're double billed with Happily Ever Laughter out of Vassar college in New York. I've never heard of them before, but I've also never not heard nice things about them! Here's Joe's post featuring the cast list for the scenes we'll be doing.

Sketch Show the Second is a remounting of Mrs Gruber's Ding Dong School! So for all you people who missed it or for all you adoring fans (looking at you, parents) who want to see the show again, we're on Saturday, January 9th 2010 at 7:00 PM. We are single billed, so we'll have nobody to blame but ourselves if you hate the show. I am willing to accept that blame if you are willing to be in the audience. More info can be found at the RVD blog, which I will be updating shortly.

Ring in the new decade with a big ol' dose of Chicago sketch comedy!

The plan is to actually write substantive content this week. That's the plan. We'll see if I'm able to, you know, actually follow up and do that. But I'm gonna (at least say that I'm going to) try!

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