Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hat Tip to You, Mr. Joe Janes...

...on writing one sketch a day for 365 days!

Joe is the artistic director for Robot vs Dinosaur, an accomplished comedy writer, performer and director, a Second City alum, blogging bretheren and also the first person in Chicago with sense enough to cast me in a show.

I'm not sure what got into Joe where he decided that he absolutely needed to consecutively write 365 sketches. I'm glad he did, though. It's been inspirational for those of us in the sketch comedy community, and I've been lucky enough to actually be involved with a couple of them - Greg and I staged a few this past fall for Mrs. Gruber, I was in a performance of one at Chicago Sketchfest, and we got to read and comment on a few in the RvD writers meetings.

He's planning on producing all 365 of them sometime in June, so be on the lookout for plugs and the like. In the meantime, though, go check out the 365 Sketches blog and marvel at the wonder that is 365 Sketches.

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