Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sex Robot Learns to Express Disappointment, Resignation

File this under “Things That Are Creepy.” We may not have flying cars or a cure for all illnesses yet, but by God we have our sex robots! Isn’t that right Douglas Hines?

Oh, sorry Douglas. I didn’t know you were with a transvestite. I’ll come back.

Wait, that’s the sex robot?!


Well, Roxxxy is a version 1.0 so hopefully they get around to removing the Adam’s apple. But, hey! She does everything else! From any natural position you can imagine, to snoring. Which, snoring? Come on, that’s a little too real for me. Talk about killing your confidence. If you can’t keep the inanimate object awake, what good are you?

Probably not much good to begin with, if we’re talking sex robots, but hey.

My favorite bit from the article: “Hines, a self-professed happily married man from Lincoln Park, New Jersey, says he spent more than three years developing the robot after trying to find a marketable application for his artificial-intelligence technology.”

Sure, Hines. We believe you. Really, we do.

Seriously, read the article. There are too many creep-tastic gems to list here. And then, when nobody is looking, sneak off to and join the 4,000 pre-orders.


Crump said...

Like it isn't bad enough that we are going to eventually be wiped out by robots. Now they're going to rape us before they kill us. Just great.

Joe Janes said...

Your title cracked me and filled me with hope. Then I felt disappointed and resigned to my fate.

Alfonso Mangione said...

Holy shit. Awesome post. Sad, but awesome.