Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmanteau and Other Made Up Words

Snowmanteaus are all the rage, baby!

What's a "snowmanteau" you ask? It's a combination of the words 'snow' and 'portmanteau.'

What's a "portmanteau" you ask? It's a word that means combining two words into one as a means of showing what a clever jackass you are.

Thus, a snowmanteau is a combination of snow and another word, particularly when used to demonstrate the severity of a snow storm.

Recent examples of snowmanteaus from the news:

ABC News: "Snow Storm or 'Snowpocalypse?' D.C. Abuzz as Weather Hits"
AP: "Obama calls capital's blizzard 'Snowmageddon'"

Get it? It's like the end of the world, but with snow! Ah! Yes! How droll!

Since snowmanteaus appear to be all the rage, I have asked the Clever Title Research and Development Team* to invent some additional snowmanteaus, in the hopes of getting ahead of the clever jackass curve.


  1. Snowtastrophe!
  2. Snowhilation!
  3. Snowaclysm!
  4. Snowstrom!
  5. Snowarchy!
  6. Snowmoil!
  7. Snowbulence!
  8. Snowoxysm!
  9. Snowsplosion!
  10. Snowruption!
  11. Snowsteria!
  12. Snowsterics!
  13. Snowzzard! (That would be 'Snow' and 'Blizzard,' which wins the redundancy award for redundancy)
  14. Pandesnowium!
I would like to donate the above to the general use of society, for the betterment of human kind of course.

Go forth, my friends, and Be Clever!

*In this case the "Clever Title Research and Development Team" consists of me, my underwear, a thesaurus, and a pint of Edy's ice cream.


Anonymous said...


You missed snowgasm.


Unknown said...

My god! I can't believe I missed that one.

Anonymous said...

And ... Vanessa says you missed Tsnownami too!

Alfonso Mangione said...

Ha. Tsownami is badass. I was going to comment on how much I liked Snowzzard, but you just got pwned.