Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday: Tro Lo Lo

Spring is Springing: and this makes me happy.

How happy, you ask?

So happy that my happiness can only be expressed thusly:

Questions regarding the above:

  • What the hell was that?
  • How does he do that without ever closing his mouth?
  • ...
  • What the hell WAS that?
Yes, I realize this little piece of what I assume is Soviet era entertainment can be potential fodder for the 'not scary but more deeply disturbing' kind of nightmare, but it's just too fascinating to pass up.

Be Warned, Trees May Contain Evil Spirits: so don't get too excited about Spring.  And there's only one was to deal with trees possessed by evil spirits: hammering nails into the branches and painting the tree trunks.  This, according to a French lunatic caught doing exactly that in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower.

Wow, this week really has had a Xenophobic bent, huh?  Canada, China, Greece, Germany, now France.  NO COUNTRY IS SAFE!

Speaking of Safety: Security cameras are not only annoying but also useless.  This according to one Bruce Schneier.  So be thankful your tax money is going towards capturing yourself making a right turn in a no turn on red zone so that you can be sent a traffic ticket, thereby costing you more money.  Feel safer yet?

Don't worry.  Trololo guy is here to make it all better.

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