Monday, March 8, 2010

Sandy Powel Points Out Hypocrisy, Accepts Little Gold Statue

I watched the Oscars last night.  I blog about it briefly at the Robo-blog.

Two quick things to add:

Item the first: I thought Sandy Powel's acceptance speech for Best Costume Design was great.  She starts it out "Well, I already have two of these things," dedicates the awards to those poor bastards who don't costume design for ridiculous period pieces, and then finishes with "this is for you, but I'm keeping the trophy."

The speech was great in it's mixture of awkwardly unintentional egotripping and it's very valid point, which is that if you want to win an Oscar you need to work on certain types of movies.

Item the second: basically reinforced Sandy Powel's poorly articulated point when the Academy ran a "Hey, horror movies are good too.  Also, they will never win an Oscar," retrospective.

Hope that's consolation for all you dumb bastards working on horror movies.  We still love you.  Now get off our lawn.

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