Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Fatwa on South Park? Seriously?

A general rule: if you really want people to take you seriously, don’t go after South Park.

I mean, come on. It’s a cartoon. It’s basically just a foul mouthed equal opportunity offender. If South Park offends you, it’s because you’re supposed to be offended. Laugh it off just like everyone else. Don’t be a jackass.

But no, says Revolution Muslim (a website that will not get a link here - I may not have page hits, but I have principles), this aggression must not be tolerated and so we will put up a video that does but doesn’t threaten the life of South Park’s creators who probably could care less. Because if there’s one thing in the world that’s going to bring down one of the most widespread religions on Earth, it’s a late night cartoon on a cable network.


But that’s what happened. Video here. Articles here, here and here.

What did South Park do? Basically, they poked fun at the fact that you’re not supposed to graphically represent Muhammad, Islam’s founding prophet. Which is, you know, factual. South Park didn’t have him performing sex acts with animals or any of the numerous other awful things that South Park normally does. Just a couple of ‘censored’ blocks, a bear costumer, that’s it.

Normally, this is where the stipulation that so-and-so needs to be more sensative would go.  But to hell with that.  This is America, and we're talking about South Park.


And now people are freaking out because that’s all anyone ever does anymore is freak out.

The people we should really feel sorry for is the vast majority of Muslims who are not actually insane and are not trying to bring about the destruction of comedy. Islam is actually supposed to be a peaceful religion (just like every other religion is supposed to be a peaceful religion), but now the reactionary asshats around the country will scream about how Islam is trying to kill us because of a couple of fringe lunatic douchebags with a website.

Get off my internets! I’m trying to watch porn!

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