Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Earth Day? Oh. Okay Then.

Today is Earth Day, and I will celebrate Earth Day the way I always celebrate Earth Day: by continuing to live on Earth.

If I told you I've been waiting for Earth Day; that I've been looking forward to it the way that I look forward to Thanksgiving or Memorial Day or Christmas; that I've had this day circled on my wall calendar and have the whole day planned out with Earth loving events; If I told you any of that I would be lying.

If, however, I told you that I completely forgot about Earth Day and only know that today is Earth Day because a bunch of people said something about Earth Day on the internets, then that would be true.

My plans for today?  Working, then driving my car to a writer's meeting, then finishing off the script for our new show, then returning home just in time to go to sleep.

Maybe I'll work in a good tree humping for good measure in there somewhere.

What about you?  Got plans?  Care to Eiffel Tower a tree with me?


Crump said...

I'd Eiffel Tower a tree? That's a pretty short tree, which means it's a pretty young tree, and that's pedophilia

Unknown said...