Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tasing: That's Your Answer For Everything, Isn't It?

It’s the new millennia, people, and tasing is all the rage. Where once police officers used to have to beat slightly rowdy people into submission with clubs, offering their Irish broguey advice the likes of “Yer only making it worse fer yeself, boy-o,” now the cops can just send a couple of quick electrical shocks through your system. Like the electric chair except less deadly and more portable.

As a result, you hear more and more about teens getting pulled over for traffic violations who are then tased twice and sent to the hospital.

I’m not against tasing, per se. I just think it should be limited to potentially violent situations. It’s hard to tell from the above mentioned article whether or not anything violent was intended – the only thing it says really was that no drugs or alcohol were found in the car and that the kid “resisted arrest” – so, hey, maybe he was threatening the police.

I don’t think the same can be said for this latest instance of a fan running on the field during last night’s Phillies game and getting tased for it. There’s video at the link.

Was that really necessary? The guy clearly didn’t mean any physical harm. He was just dicking around – it happens at sporting events. Everyone laughs, then the grounds people tackle the guy, and everyone moves on.

Dude didn’t have to tase him. What happened to just tackling those people? That was just lazy. And also potentially dangerous.

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