Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday: Phalluses and Felicitations Abound

Well it's Friday again, which during a show run can mean one thing and one thing only.

Show plugging time?

You betcha!

RvD presents:
12 Angry Sketches
Justice Gets Served

Fridays in June at 9:00 PM
Donny's Skybox Theatre
1608 N Wells St
Chicago, IL

We opened last Friday to much laughter and enjoyment and guess what?  The show is only going to get better!

Anything else you want to mention?

But of course.  365 Sketches wraps up this weekend.  RvD already done did their show, but there are still a few left, so when you aren't watching 12 Angry Sketches you should go drop $10 on some very funny sketch comedy.

What else?

Uh.  I read a story about a group of ninjas fighting off a mugger in Sidney, Australia.  Note to self: if you're going to mug someone, be aware and make sure there are no ninjas around.

I love that when one of them gives a quote to that article, they are referred to as Ninja Steve Ashley.  Evidently, Ninja is an honorific on par with Doctor or President.  It almost makes "I want to grow up to be a ninja" sound honorable vocation and not the sweetly naive wishes of a child or grown Australian male.

What else?

Uh... this article about a prehistoric stone dildo that was also used to ignite fires?  Please note, all puns intended in any potential follow up jokes.  Carry on, comedians.

What else?

What do you mean 'What else?'  I've exhausted my backlog of stupid articles.

Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!

Oh God...

Happy Birthday, Nat Topping.  Happy Birthday to you!

That's right.  My birthday is tomorrow.  I'll be 28.  Blah blah blah.

Make a wish!

Oh shut up.


Okay, well, I guess thank you to friends and family for making the past 28 years great, I look forward to another great 28 years, which would be a great sentiment except that it implies that I'll be dead by 56, so instead I'll just say thanks for coming to the blog and I love you all.

Blow out your candles, and PREPARE FOR SPANKINGS!


GW said...

I didn't know you had a birthday! Me too! Happy birthday.

I'm not that funny, GW

Chris Othic said...

Happy Birthday Nat.

And Greg.

Happy Birthday everyone!