Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fuerza Bruta: Running Through Walls

Story?  Meh.  Character development?  Meh.  Sometime, you just need to watch somebody run through a wall of paper boxes. 


If you have a taste for that and a host of other bizarre sights, then Fuerza Bruta's show Look Up is right up your alley.

The show is called Look Up because there are literally people swimming in a giant see-through plastic container above your head for a good chunk of time.  That's about as subtle as it's going to get in this show that is unabashedly about spectacle and the audience's response to crazy shit.

Basically, they herd the audience onto the stage of the Auditorium Theatre - no, you don't get to sit down - and make you move around in a giant mesh box while a guy runs on a treadmill and people break styrofoam boards over one anothers heads.  And then the crazy shit starts happening.

If you're looking for a nice musical with a safe story (or any story) and some nice musical numbers for you to hum on your way to your BMW then this is probably not the right show for you.  I know this because I benefited by getting comps precisely because those people apparently have no interest in crazy Argentine dance parties.

But for pure spectacle and just general coolness, it's a good time.  And sometimes you just need to see something that doesn't give a damn about conventions and just goes out to have some fun.  I thought the idea of putting the audience on stage was a great one, and for my taste they could have gone even further - there were moments of dragging and moments standing in the dark for just a bit too long wondering what was coming at you next - but all told it was a good use of a Sunday afternoon.

You should be able to find info over at the League of Chicago Theatre's website if you're interested.

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