Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday: Ends All Posts With "Home Boy"

Letter from Camp:

Dear Blog,

This week was fun.  I had two shows, a rehearsal, a class, and today someone bought lunch for me!!  I've been real busy.  Last night's show went real good too.  I got to spray blood (fake!) all over some people and that was real good.  I'm happy tonight I don't have anything to do.  I want to watch TV, eat pizza, and hang out!  That sounds real good.

I miss you, blog.  Hope you're doing real good and I hope we can hang out more next week.  You're great.  I'll talk to you soon.



Simultanously Destroying and Restoring Your Faith in Humanity: What's not funny?  Attempted rape in the projects of Hunstville, AL.  What is funny?  Watching the guy at the one minute mark in the following video.

Antoine Dodson, you are great.  And you deserve your own television show.

"We Got Your T-shirt..."

I envision this show consisting of Antoine Dodson telling people why they are "so dumb."  I imagine this running during the early to mid-afternoons and becoming wildly successful.

Book it, Home Boy.

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Jesse said...

Fortunately, my husbands are already thoroughly hidden.