Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sea Serpent Preview

So, RvD's The Saga of the Viking Women etc. opens/closes (I guess "happens" would be a good verb) a week from Thursday.  Joe took a video from last night's rehearsal with his MAGICPHONE, which can be found here.

I'm quite proud of the bit in the video because (a) I wrote the song, but (b) everyone else in the cast does such a good job of making the thing look and sound great.  As you can tell from the video, I spend the whole song looking out at the audience, so I miss all of the awesome stuff going on behind me.

Check out the link, and if you're free come check out the show next Thursday at the NeoFuturarium.

OH!  And CRASSUS happens tonight again!

"Come on, Geoff.  This is comedy.  You're not supposed to be sad!"

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