Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not Even Sea Mammals Are Safe

Do whales have nightmares?

If they do, those nightmares certainly look something like this:

That would be Russian President evil puppetmaster dictator for life Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holding a crossbow.  Those of you who frequent this blog (no doubt thirsting for it's increasingly infrequent updated posts of ever decreasing quality and substance) know that Putin's exploits are of particular interest around here.

Today's piece of Putinical joy comes courtesy of the Today Show.  The long and the short of it is this: Vladimir Putin hunts whales now.  With a crossbow.*

Of course, it makes it much easier to hunt them when your gaze freezes the ocean into a giant hunk of ice.

When questioned by reporters about the risk, Putin replied "Living in general is dangerous."

Asked if he had just threatened the reporter's life, Putin replied with this:

Enough to chill a late August afternoon.

*And by hunt, of course, I mean participate in wildlife saving activities.


Vladimir Putin said...

This blog should be put to te death. It does nothing but take up valuable internet spacing. I will crack it in the neck and put it out of miserable misery.

Now I must go and make love with great white shark. Why? Because I can.

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