Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pastor Terry Jones: You Suck

Coming out of blog hibernation (sorry y'all) for the express purpose of saying that Pastor Terry Jones is a moron.

Who is pastor Terry Jones?  He's the dipshit behind a Florida church's plans to burn a bunch of copies of the Quran (Islam's bible) to get publicity stroke his own ego "protest the September 11th, 2001 attacks."

Ironically, that Church is called "Dove World Outreach Center."  I believe after September 11th happened, that Irony was officially dead.  This creates a whole new level of Irony that frankly I'm not capable of completely comprehending right now.

So, basically the guy is planning on performing an act reminiscent of good old 1930's style fascism (good one, churchie!) and insulting a large segment of the world population (as well as a good chunk of our own), the vast majority of which are basically peaceful people just trying to get by in life, also by the way putting our troops in harms way overseas who are actually combating violent extremists, so that they can what?  What good is coming out of this again?

I argue that burning the holy book of a largely peaceful religion to piss off a small subsection of their membership (extremist terrorist types) is stupid and pointless and potentially dangerous.

Hypothetical jerkwad counters that Muslim extremists burn American flags and stuff all the time.

I counter that with THAT MAKES YOU NO BETTER THAN THE DIPSHIT CRAZIES THAT YOU'RE TRYING TO PISS OFF.  And also?  What you're doing is almost the exact opposite of the Christian forgiveness and tolerance that you purport to teach.  Also?  Fuck you.

THIS IS AMERICA, PEOPLE.  We're supposed to be better than this.  We're supposed to be better than telling a peaceful religious organization that it's in poor taste for them to open what amounts to a youth center too close to the World Trade Center.  We're supposed to be better than Nazi rally style book burnings.  We're supposed to be able to tell the difference between lunatics and normal people.

So Terry Jones: you suck.  You guys can go fuck yourselves for your attention grabbing whorish anti-American, anti-Christian hypocritical ways.

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