Thursday, November 18, 2010

Slow Down! There's Thanksgiving First!

Around this time of year, I am easily mistaken for a Grinch.

I can’t help it. I see the slow, methodical march of the Christmas decorations earlier and earlier into the year and I feel honor bound to say something. Usually, something whiny and crotchety and I probably just come off as some jerk who doesn’t like fun.

This may be true. I have a valid reason, though.

I know that people love Christmas and that Christmas is such a shiny, happy commercial success that the opportunity to begin festivities earlier and earlier can be extremely enticing. But there are holidays that come before Christmas, and I don’t want them glossed over just because some jag wants to sell you more wreaths, red bunting and plastic lawn reindeer.

I’m most concerned about one holiday in particular: Thanksgiving.

People, Thanksgiving is great. It is, perhaps, the purest holiday of all holidays. You need only do two things: eat food, and watch football. That’s it. Actually, someone also has to make the food. Three things. And for this, we are rewarded with a four day weekend every year.

There’s no buying of gifts, or running from house to house trying to see everybody you’ve ever known, or singing or going to church/mass/whatever floats your boat.

No. You go home to your family or you go find some people you like, you watch some football, and then you eat. You then have three more days off to contemplate Christmas or do whatever you like.

So dagnabbit, let’s not rush this, okay?


Hutch said...


Chris Othic said...

You said it. Thanksgiving (douchebag pronounciation: T-Gives) is rapidly becoming one of my favorites because of the sheer lack of preparation. The most I think I've ever done to prepare for Thanksgiving is to pick out a sweater and maybe chop up some vegetables and organize them on a platter.

Jake said...

Does Christmas marketing really come earlier every year? Or does it just seem to--an illusion induced by resenting the onslaught of time and age.
I dunno. As long as Black Friday doesn't become Black Thursday, I'm not worried. Bottom line: I'm okay with whatever theme the grocery store puts in the seasonal aisle (provided it includes a well-stocked display of holiday-designed Snickers Bar and/or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.)