Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Softer Side of Putin

And no, I'm not talking about this:

I'm talking about a strange rash of pleasant Putin pictures and movies making their rounds about the interwebs.  And sure, maybe by "rash" I mean "two," but still have a look at this:

Question: What the... wahuh?  I... wha?  Anyone?  I mean... huh?

Who looks more unnatural in that setting?  I would argue Putin, despite the fact that the other two people in the photo are (1) some sort of deranged snowman, and (2) a... hipster rabbit?

But even more disturbing perhaps (definitely) is this video of Putin singing 'Blueberry Hill' for charity:

In my best Russian accent: "Is terrible."

A couple of stray thoughts:
  • I love that everyone is forced to pretend that he's actually singing.  And also, that the person who actually is singing sounds comically Russian.
  • Why are they playing a synthesized version of Blueberry Hill when there is obviously a full band of musicians behind him just sitting around.
  • Kevin Costner might be even more awkward than deranged snowman and hipster rabit.
This is what Karaoke with the boss is like, except in this instance the 'boss' is an internationally feared iron man who fights whales with crossbows and strikes fear into the heart of fear itself.

Is it possible that Putin is growing soft in his old age?  That a new glimmer of warmth penetrates his cold icy gaze?  Let's have a look:

Nope.  Cold as ever.

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