Monday, December 20, 2010

A Toast to the Persistent!

A Toast!

To the persistent!

To those of us who refuse to give up!

To those who keep their eye on the prize!

To those who will bulldoze everything in their way to get what they want!

To those who will not jump through hoops or over hurdles, but who bulldoze through hurdles!

To those who are so fixated on the prize that they will ruin the competition, willfully disregard rules to comic effect, stumble gracelessly, impede the progress of others, and generally act the ass so that they can finish this race we call life not in first, nor in second, but certainly not last!

Cheers to you, second hurdler from the left!

Tip of the hat to my buddy Pat.

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Chris Othic said...

This makes me deliriously happy. Not only was this guy awful, but this must have been the worst collection of hurdlers in racing history. Just watch the technique of the guy in green on the far left lane. Stutter stutter jump! Stutter stutter jump! He could actually take pointers from the bulldozer guy.

Great vid.