Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post Sketchfest Stuff

Okay, Sketchfest. A random assortment of thoughts from Robot vs Dinosaur's Sketchfest show:

(1) There is a lot of merit to doing a “best-of” show. Mostly because you are performing pieces that you already know work. There should be no freaking out about whether or not people will laugh at the sketches because they have all been done before and proven to get laughs.

(2) That said, I will always freak out about whether or not people will laugh. Apparently this is just in my nature.

(3) I cannot be more pleased with the way our twist worked out. The concept for this show was that our “best-of” performance is interrupted by Nazis from the show that we are writing for the spring. At the end, the show is literally invaded by 20+ Nazis (some fantastic extras that Joe convinced to do the show) and a humongous fight ensues. It was an incredibly chaotic spectacle and was so much fun to watch during rehearsal; I can only imagine what the audience thought going from a ‘small’ show performed by six people to a gigantic mob of people.

(4) Also, we skyped in Greg from Florida to be our Nazi leader, projected onto a screen over the stage. This was the moving part I was most worried about and it came off beautifully.

(5) People like shouty scenes. People like their actors committing to the part. People like it when Scientologists get punched in the face.

I can’t wait to get the performance video from sketchfest. My girlfriend taped the beginning but unfortunately my camera ran out of battery, so I’ll comb through what we got and try to cut up some video for people to see.

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Danni said...

sounds like a blast, can't wait to see what you have of it!