Monday, February 21, 2011

Get a New Ending Please K THNX

I'll try not to ruin the play for you, but this just drove me crazy and I'm going to vent about it on my blog because that's what blogs are for.  That and naked pictures of myself.  But I'm not giving that away for free anymore.

Anyway, a week ago today I took the Greatest Baseball Girlfriend to Steppenwolf to celebrate (belatedly) Valentine's Day.  We saw Sex With Strangers.  Generally speaking, it was very good.  I had a very good time.  It was a good production of a good play with good acting and everything was good UNTIL the ending.

You know that ending where there's one character on stage and he/she/it is deciding whether to do one thing or another?  Should I stay or should I go?  Should I follow him or shouldn't I?  You know that one, right?  Of course you know it.  It's everywhere now.

It seems like whenever I go see a play or a movie now, there's a 50% chance that it ends with this tacked on, schmaltzy ending.  I know why they're doing it; they want that "OOOOOOOOOHHH!!!" ending; that "let's go talk about this in the lobby ending."

It was clever the first time, people.

The second time, it was still clever because I forgot about it completely the first time around.

Third time, fourth time, fifth time?  Not so clever anymore.  I mean, come on.  Make a choice and just end the play.

Here is my recommendation: go see Sex With Strangers, but when you get about an hour and a half in, keep an eye out for what seems like it might be the ending of the play.  Once you get to what seems like might be the ending, immediately stand up and begin to applaud.  Do not stop applauding until they bring the lights down and go to curtain call.

Hopefully the rest of the audience will join in and the stage manager will end the play early.

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