Thursday, April 7, 2011

Indigo Wisdom

This is a picture of my brother, Don.  He is also known to a select few as 'Gib,' and since I've been around for a while, I've earned the right to call him that.  That picture of Gib is also the cover of a book that my mother wrote called 'Indigo Wisdom.'

This might sound like a stupid thing for an actor/writer/comedian with a blog to say, but I'll say it anyway: I'm a very private person.  I don't really like talking about my personal life or political views or religious beliefs in a public fashion, and on those rare occasions when I do broach those subjects, it's usually guarded by a veil of comedy.

I don't know why I'm like this.  I just am.  So apologies in advance if this comes across stilted.  I'm going to try to be serious for a moment.  Slapdash idiocy to return over the next couple of days, I'm sure.

But for my mom to write a book about raising my brother (and my sister and me) is, at least to me, doubly courageous - first in that it took a lot of courage and dedication and faith to raise my brother, and second because she's putting everything out there for other people to read.

To synopsize, my brother had myriad health problems and learning disabilities to contend with over the course of his childhood that my parents (and specifically my mom) had to fight through and, through their perseverance and faith and good old fashioned Topping stubbornness they were able to save Gib from a very different outcome then what many so-called experts had predicted for him.

It's a strange thing to have the story of your childhood written down for you to read.  I had this sensation while reading of vaguely remembering all of these little snippets and suddenly being able to put them together into what was actually happening while I was growing up.  My prevailing thoughts, though, were ones of gratitude and appreciation for my parents and just kind of how amazing they were and continue to be.

So this book Indigo Wisdom is their story, and it's just kind of an amazing thing to behold.  If you were ever looking for evidence of where I came from, here it is.  If you're looking for a story to hopefully inspire you, here it is as well.  The book is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle format. 

If you wanted a signed copy, I could probably get you one of those too.

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Can't wait to read it!