Monday, May 16, 2011

Doing Things

Hi everybody!

Yes, I know postage has been on the light side, and in those few moments where it's happened it's been bizarre dream journals.  I haven't forgotten about you.  I promise.

Lately, I've been struck by a desire to start actually doing things.  Not to say that I haven't been doing things; I have RvD; I have Crassus.  So maybe what I mean is 'a desire to do more things.'

Two things spurred this: (1) doing the Crassus show in Rockford back in February with Geoff, and (2) finishing my voice over demo.

Thing the First was just a lot of fun.  They treated us well out there, they paid us a nominal amount for our comedy, and it was just great getting on the stage and performing material that I love.  It really gave me the desire to travel (I mean, who knows) and to work more on these scenes and to keep performing them over and over instead of letting them slip away.

Thing the Second was a culmination of a little under a year's worth of classes and coaching sessions, wherein I found a method of applying my talents such that I could potentially make some sort of money at it.  No, it's not a company membership at Steppenwolf, or a role in a feature film.  But if it can actually help me focus on doing things that I like to do, instead of working a job I don't particularly like and then trying to fit my actual passion around it, then hell it's worth a shot.

Thing the Third might be the fact that my Television just died over the weekend.  I'm not willing to admit that yet, but general boredom in the apartment might be a factor....

So the following is stuff I'm working on:

(1) Getting a VO agent (preferably someone who also handles film/commercial stuff), so that I can start auditioning for spots.  I'll probably add a tab to this site for the demo and other info.
(2) Auditioning for more plays, because I like them and miss doing them.
(3) Developing more Crassus stuff.  Geoff's having a baby and is going on hiatus for a couple of months, but I work with his ass so we're going to keep writing and hopefull get back on stage in the fall.
(4) Developing some solo stuff - particularly some new Reality Fairy songs.  I'm actually doing SketchTest tomorrow night and next Tuesday, where I'll be doing some Reality Fairy stuff.
(5) Write more actual plays.  I've been quietly mulling over possibly going for an MFA in dramatic writing somewhere, so we'll see about that too.

And also to occasionally spit out a blog post's worth of drivel for general consumption.

I don't know, people.  My 29th is coming up in June.  If ever there was a time to get ass in gear, it's now.

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Anonymous said...

Go Ass! Get in gear! It all sounds wonderful.