Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday: Disgraceful Public Figures Disgraced

Remember when we used to do this every Friday?  We'd all gather 'round the blog on a Friday afternoon and just link a bunch of things we haven't been able to get this week?

Yeah.  Why?

Let's take that walk down memory lane, shall we Bold Type?

You got it buddy.

Do it up.

Who Saw This Coming? And When I Say ‘Coming,’ I Mean… That… Er… That’s Inappropriate, Sir!

In a move that was simultaneously inevitable and dumb, New York representative Anthony Weiner – best known for living up to all of the schoolyard taunts about his last name - resigned his post. Presumably, he will now focus on his true passion: photographing himself in little to no clothing and then using the internet to disburse his Sexy.

I’m not sure why this is confusing for so many people: The Interwebs are not private. Anything you put on The Interwebs will be seen by someone, and if it’s embarrassing and you’re a public figure you can bet your ass it’s going to show up on the news. This is the way of things now.

In related news, I have no plans to resign from blogging.

You Know Who Can Fix That For You?

And of course any time a public figure gets caught being naughty somewhere, inevitably someone offers the greatest panacea: Jesus. This time, it’s Albert Mohler. Because if there’s one thing Jesus probably knows all about, it’s how to keep your junk off of Twitter.

I like to imagine Representative Weiner sitting down with Jesus and then asking his advice. Jesus just looks at him, and then says, ‘Here’s an idea: don’t do that.’ And that’s it.

Can we please just leave Jesus alone and let him concentrate on important things?

Speaking of Disgraced Public Figures…

I love it when people smile for their mugshots.

Remember when that guy could have been President?

And Finally…

James Franco is either some sort of super genius who has figured out a way to get away with literally anything, or he’s insane. Although really, can’t he be both?

This time, he’s figured out a way to sell a tiny card as a piece of ‘Non-visible’ art. Brilliant commentary on the art world, or attempt at duping people out of large sums of money? Who knows? Who cares! He’s James Franco!

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