Friday, June 10, 2011

POEM: Process Change

And now, to finish the week out with another poem.  Been reading a lot of Horace lately, so I probably just have that on the mind.  Enjoy.

I’m glad you’ll be working with us.
I’m really excited about
Your potential and your future.
We’ll have some fun; we’ll do some work;
We’ll live our lives.
You’ll just be nailing in this board.
You just place the board, take some nails,
And then you pound the nails in there
So that the board is stuck in place.
You should probably use a hammer.
Real simple, shouldn’t be too hard.
Just let me know when you’re done, k?

Hey man, how are you adjusting?
You’re doing some real strong pounding
Really getting those nails in there.
Everyone has been really pleased.
So, Process Change: going forward,
Could you communicate with me
Every time you complete a step?
You grab a board, just let me know.
You get some nails, just let me know.
You hammer them, just let me know.
When you’re done, just let me know too.
No big deal. Just a process change,
To help us monitor the change
In the process. So, keep it up,
You’re doing some really good work,
Let me know about those milestones.

Hey there brother man, how are ya?
Doing good? Happy? Productive?
Good, good, good. Hey, so, Process Change:
Higher ups want a paper trail
To track when each milestone is met,
And at what time, and so that way
We can track when milestones are met.
Make sense? So, just, every time
You do anything –grab a board,
Grab the nails, hammer in those nails,
Et cetera – fill out a slip.
Write the time and date and sign it.
And everyone will be happy.
Sound good? Good deal. You’re doing good.
Keep up the good, my good buddy.

What’s up excellent coworker?
My team player? You doing well?
Guess what? I have a gift for you!
Technology has just arrived,
And it’s going to make life easy.
We’re canning the ticket system
And we’re going electronic.
There’s a new system we will use:
It’s like a website. You log in,
There’s an entry for every board,
And you update every entry
The way you were before BUT
Instead of writing the stuff out
You just type it. So, you log in,
Mark that you grabbed yourself a board,
Mark that you grabbed yourself some nails,
Mark that you hammered them all in,
Tell me you finished, then mark it.
This Process Change really pulls us
Into the industry’s future:
Leading the charge in advancing
Unique board pounding services.

Hey, buddy. Things going okay?
Yeah? Listen, we’ve noticed a dip -
I don’t want to say ‘a dip’ – no,
That sounds worse than it is. A lag,
Yeah, better, a lag in your times.
Your productivity is down.
You used to bang board twice as fast.
Not sure what changed, something must have,
Could be your personal life, or
Something of that nature, but DUDE
You have to step it up for me.
I know you do really good work
I know that, but the higher ups,
Well, they’re looking to improve things
Across the board. No going back,
You know. It’s just not possible
To lead when you’re falling behind.
Also, while I’m here, Process Change:
We now have separate fields to use
When noting the system note fields
So that we can delineate
Between the notes about the boards
And the notes that you send to me.
And include the exact amount
Of nails utilized for each board
As well as the size of each board
And weight to the nearest kg.
All this info should assist us –
Well, at least the procurement peeps –
In keeping our costs down so that
Profit continues to increase
Despite across the board laggage
In our board poundage department.
Anyway, keep up the good work,
Look for ways to improve your times,
I am still really excited about
Your future.
                 And keep an eye out
For future Process Changes.


Joe Janes said...

Nat Topping = awesome!

Seoulcially Akward Nessie said...

I just read this with while counting on my fingers, hehe. Well done, sir.

Unknown said...

You dare doubt my ability to write eight beat lines?

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Thanks Nat Topping, It really become awesome.