Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Transformers 3 Review: HOLY $H#!!!

Holy shit, dude, Transformers 3!  I mean, shit dude!  I never seen so much shit blow up before.  It was insane!  I mean, if you saw Transformers 1 and you were all like 'Whoah holy shit that's a lot of explosions,' then this is like that but like I mean damn.  Explosions everywhere!

Never saw Transformers 2.  Didn't matter.  Did not effect my viewing pleasure one bit.  And Shia LeWhat didn't even piss me off too much!

There was this part where they blew the shit out of Chicago - like the whole city - for like an hour just blowing shit up.  Like, buildings that you see walking down the street.  Not the buildings walking, smartass, but like you're walking and you see all these buildings.  Well, in the movie it's the same buildings only there's robots flying around busting shit up and setting everything on fire or exploding everything.

I mean shit, dude.  Transformers.
OH SHIT, Shit's about to get real.
And then, we like we left the IMAX, which is at Navy Pier, and we walked outside and there were all the buildings again, not on fire.  It was like 'no harm no foul' right?  But man, it was awesome.

Granted, the purported conceit of the movie was a bit routine and lacking in clarity, given that the supposed quote unquote lesson was a jumbled mess of loyalty, freedom versus tyranny, and naturally a 'love story' element that at its best was unobtrusive however at its worst was distracting in its cliched construction, but, like, DUDE.

Shit blew UP.

(Seriously, though, it was a lot of fun.)

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