Monday, August 15, 2011

Forever Marilyn, (re)Visited!

So naturally once you've made fun of a gigantic statue for being an excuse to show off plaster panties, it only makes sense to go on a pilgrimage to that very statue, no?  Is the statue as gauche and bizarre in person as it appears to be in the photographs?  Let me answer that question with ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPH:
Shadier than the shadiest tree!
As you can see, not only does Forever Marilyn titillate and arouse, it also provides much needed shelter to families and middle aged couples alike.  Looking at this picture, I like to think of the original movie and imagine that beneath real Marilyn Monroe was a lilliputian army of pervs staring up her skirt.  But hey, that's my hangup, not yours.

The question on my mind, though, was 'What do all of the other sculptures in the area think about Forever Marilyn?'

I had a chance to catch up with Jack Brickhouse, seen here practically salivating.  Obviously, a Forever Marilyn fan.
Insert sports related double entendre here, followed by broadcaster catchphrase!  Hey-hey!
Nathan Hale?
"I only regret that I have given my life to my country for this."
Not so much.

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