Tuesday, January 10, 2012

REVISED Performing Schedule - January/February

Ok, change of plans.  I feel like ass today, so the wonderful SketchTest lady, Sherra, is letting me move back a week.  Also, added a show for Crassus in February!  Hooray!

TUESDAY, JANUARY 17th and 24th, 7:30 PM
Me (just me) @ SketchTest
Pub Theater at Fizz Bar, 3220 N Lincoln in Chicago
Tickets: FREE. Just show up.
I’ll be doing some Reality Fairy songs that I’ve been working on and refining. I get 12 minutes in the lineup, which is kind of a work shop environment, but if you’ve ever wanted to see what sketch looks like before it’s a completed piece, this is the place to see it. Plus, you’ll get to watch a grown man in a tutu sing children’s songs about real life!

Me (again) opening for Williams and Martinez
The Playground, 3209 N Halsted in Chicago
Tickets: $5
Doing aforementioned Reality Fairy songs while opening for two fine, funny ladies. There will also be another act or two thrown in for good measure.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25th, 7:30(ish)
CRASSUS opening for Old West Family Photo
Underground Lounge, 952 W Newport in Chicago
Tickets: FREE
Geoff and I return to the site of last month’s show, which was a blast, to do some more stuff. Much fun was had last time, and so shall it be again.

Me (one last time) helping out for Patrick Raynor’s Come On! We’re All Adults!
Annoyance Theatre, 4830 N Broadway in Chicago
Tickets: $10
This is my good buddy Pat’s one man show, but I’ll be helping out with music and even singing a Reality Fairy song for that too! I’ve seen Pat’s stuff and it’s very funny, so I plug this in good conscious.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd, 8:30CRASSUS at Jerry's Comedy Night
Courtesy of Gulp! Productions

Jerry's Sandwiches, 1938 W Division in Chicago
Tickets: FREE
20 Minutes of Comedy Bliss from your friends in Crassus (Me and Geoff).

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