Friday, March 23, 2012

"Where Have You Been..."

"...and can you work it into some sort of show plug?!"

Why yes.  Yes I can.  Take a gander at this picture:

Halsted, obvs.

In the above, I represent 'my free time,' and the man in the bear costume represents 'Robot vs Dinosaur Presents: Pretty From a Distance.'

'What's that?' you say.  Let me drop the plug on you.

Robot vs. Dinosaur Presents:

Opening: March 23rd

Closing: April 7th

Days and Times: Fridays and Saturdays, 7:30pm

Location: Luna Central
3914 N Clark St
Chicago, IL

Ticket Price: $15

Contact the Luna Central box office at 773-819-5862 or at

We've poured a lot of work into this one - I personally hosted three large panels of christmas lights and felt in my tiny studio apartment for about two weeks - and we'd love for people to come and actually, like, see the show.  So please, if you have a spare moment around 7:30 on a Friday or Saturday night in the next few weeks, come say 'Hi.'

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