Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fake Amazon Review: Leadership Lessons of the U.S. Navy SEALS

Disclaimer: this is fake.  I wrote it for fun.  Love, Nat.


"By BizNazFrank
"Format: Hardcover

“I just bought this book about management and it’s great. It’s called ‘Leadership Lessons of the U.S. Navy SEALS: Battle-Tested Strategies for Creating Successful Organizations and Inspiring Extraordinary Results.’ You know it’s a good book because the title is so freaking long. The title is practically a book by itself, so you’re reading a book before you even read the book – that’s two books in one and that, my friend, is what we call in the Business world ‘value-added value.’ I think.

“Anyway, I’m going to give a quick review of it for everyone. I should probably start by saying I haven’t read the actual book – I’m a busy business man who does a lot of business – but I have read the title, and here are some of the lessons I learned just from reading the title:

“1. Navy SEALS are sweet and they get shit done in a proactive, value-added ass-kicking way.
“2. To succeed as a manager, I need a highly-motivated crack core of employees who are insanely well-trained, preferably somewhere in San Diego by a bunch of military types.
“3. All employees should carry assault rifles to increase productivity and preparedness, as well as to facilitate conflict resolution and team building.
“4. Employees are most effective when they are able to work at all hours of the day; therefore they should all have night vision goggles.
“5. Helicopters.
“6. We should have trust falls maybe from time to time.

“And that’s just the stuff I gleaned from the cover and title and stuff. I’ll let you all know if anything new pops up once I’ve read the book, which I probably won’t have time to do because I’m a busy business person. But, uh, 5 stars. Go Amazon!

“Frank Jefferson, CEO
“F. Jefferson Financial Consulting and Business Applications Business, LLC”

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Certified Financial Planner Education said...

As the part of education leadership Lessons of the U.S. Navy seals, its an good Battle-Tested Strategies for Creating Successful Organizations and Inspirational Results. It’s a good book because the title is so freaking long.