Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bachmann Level: Green!

Green is for 'Go Crazy!'

We haven't had much use for the Bachmann levels around here since she dropped out of the race to represent Republicans in the gong show that is Presidential Election Time.  Actually, we haven't had much use for blogging since the end of June either, but whatever.  You don't come here for consistency.  You come here for poorly MS Painted photos of Michelle Bachmann wearing green Groucho glasses.  Speaking of:

Madame Bachmann is convinced that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the American Government.  Her proof?  One of the people who works there is Egyptian-American.


One might take the time to refute said claims, however the power of a blogger to do so pales in comparison to that of John McCain, who increasingly looks to be the only same person left in all of Congress.

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